Ecotourism certification

Eco Certification

Ecotourism certification

Ecotourism certification endeavours to identify genuine nature tourism and ecotourism products in Australia. The program is a world first that was designed by industry for industry. There are three levels of ecotourism available to the tourism industry. These are;

1. Nature tourism - Tourism in a natural area that leaves a minimal impact on the environment.

2. Ecotourism - Tourism in a natural area that allows guests to learn about the environment. Operators must use resources wisely, contribute to conservation and help local communities.

3. Advanced Ecotourism - A higher level of Ecotourism, where operators achieve best practice when using resources wisely, contributing to conservation and helping local communities.

The process of obtaining Ecotourism certification is extensive. Operators must be able to demonstrate that they achieve the required levels of performance. As the benchmarks of environmental best practice continually improve, so too does the EcoCertification tool, providing more stringent guidelines for environmental performance.

Ayers Rock Resort and Longitude 131 have achieved Ecotourism status (currently being renewed to new standard) and Home Valley Station has achieved Advanced Ecotourism status for accommodation.

A number of Voyages properties have achieved Ecotourism status, including:

  • Ayers Rock Resort - Ecotourism for accommodation (currently being renewed to new standard);
  • Longitude 131 - Ecotourism for accommodation Cave Hill tour and Desert Awakenings tour (currently being renewed to new standard).

More details about Ecotourism, including other Ecotourism operators and tours, can be found at Ecotourism Australia

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