Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Voyages

At Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia we work with thousands of suppliers who provide everything from food and wine, linen and cleaning products to our properties across Australia.

We recognises that our suppliers play an important role in how we manage our environmental, social and ethical impacts - so it's important that we work with them to minimise and manage these impacts across the supply chain.

To gauge where our suppliers are at on their journey to sustainability, we decided to undertake a case study at one of our resorts. We asked our suppliers to provide us with details on a range of issues including how they manage their environmental impact, what community initiatives they are involved in and what their understanding of Corporate Responsibility is.

The initial aim of the project was to learn from those suppliers who embrace corporate responsibility throughout their business and to share their experiences with those suppliers who are new to it. The overall aim of the project is to raise the level of awareness throughout our supply chain of the issues that are of importance to Voyages.

Results from the case study are currently being incorporated into a Sustainability Self Assessment Guide for Suppliers which will help suppliers understand where they can make improvements in the way they manage their business.


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