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Our Vision

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia has a strong commitment to social responsibility. All profits are reinvested in the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation's (ILSC) Indigenous training and development across Australia.

Our Vision

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia has a strong commitment to social responsibility. All profits are reinvested in the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation's (ILSC) Indigenous training and development across Australia.

We are privileged to operate in some of Australia's most sensitive ecosystems and culturally significant locations. Our reputation is built on the philosophy of supporting the local communities and protecting and enhancing the culture and environment at these locations. We are therefore committed to behaving ethically and operating in a sustainable manner that continues to enhance economic, societal and environmental values.

Our Company

We recognise that if we are to effectively deliver on our mission, we must ensure that our Corporate Responsibility (CR) goals are fully integrated into our business. Our responsibilities include:

  • Complying with all relevant regulations and laws for all jurisdictions in which we operate
  • Aligning our operations with the principles of world's best practice in the global tourism industry
  • Having specialist capabilities within the business heightening awareness of our Corporate Responsibility philosophy

Our Guests

We are singularly focussed on providing guests with incredible, memorable experiences, which they would not be able to enjoy anywhere else in Australia. Our responsibility to our guests includes:

  • Marketing our brand in an honest and responsible way
  • Customer satisfaction surveys are undertaken regularly and acted upon
  • We advise our guests of any travel-related risks and provide information on how to minimise these risks

Our Employees

We know our employees join Voyages because of the outstanding opportunity we provide to work in a dynamic, fast growing company and to gain extensive hands-on experience across a wide range of fields in the tourism and hospitality industries. Our responsibility to our employees includes:

  • Ensuring our staff are guided by our Code of Conduct which outlines the behaviour we expect to see from our staff as they undertake their day-to-day duties
  • Fostering a culture of continuous development for our people which includes on-the-job training, product training, formal inductions and regular performance reviews
  • A commitment to providing a safe workplace for our staff
  • Incorporating sustainable Indigenous employment

Our Commitment to Work Health & Safety

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our team members, guests and visitors to our business. We take this commitment seriously and ensure that health and safety is central to every decision we make.
View our Work, Health & Safety Policy Statement.

Our Environment

We are dedicated to conserving the unique environmental values surrounding all resorts and properties that we manage. It is our goal to ensure that the locations where we operate will be protected for future generations to enjoy and experience. Our key commitments to the environment include:

  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation
  • Minimising environmental impacts through comprehensive assessment of all developments
  • Continual development of our Environmental Management System and site Environment Management Plans
  • Efficiently using resources including energy, fuel and water, and minimise waste to landfill through reduction, reuse and recycling initiatives
  • Promote with respect, the cultural values of indigenous people

Our Community

We understand the important role we play in the wider community and the need to maintain good relationships with all of our stakeholders including indigenous and community groups, non-government organisations and government authorities. We regularly engage with these stakeholders through:

  • Formal partnerships through initiatives such as the Anangu Communities Foundation
  • Staff volunteering and community support
  • Providing employment opportunities in remote areas and encouraging the use of local suppliers
  • Continual support of and cooperation with domestic and international industry organisations to assist in the promotion of Australia

Our Suppliers

We recognise that our suppliers are an important part of how we manage our social, environmental and ethical impacts. We develop and manage our relationships with our suppliers based on shared values, performance and benefits to our guests. The key processes that underpin our supply chain relationships include:

  • Selection of suppliers based on proven performance and reputation
  • Open and transparent communication processes
  • An expectation that our supplier standards should be equal to, or exceed our own

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