Anangu Communities

Who We Are

Anangu Communities Foundation is a charitable trust established by Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia.

We work with Anangu through local organisations to fund projects in the Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara (NPY) region in Central Australia that address inequity and demonstrate outcomes, making a positive outcome in Anangu communities. 

Our Foundation History

Anangu Communities Foundation Our Mission

Originally called the Mutitjulu Foundation, the Foundation was formed in 2003 by Voyages Hotels and Resorts, operators of Ayers Rock Resort at the time. The goal of the Foundation was to support the nearest Aboriginal community to the Resort, Mutitjulu. 

Responding to community needs, the Foundation has grown and has been renamed to the Anangu Communities Foundation, to reflect the broader range of Anangu communities it supports across Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara (NPY) lands. 

The Foundation is administered by Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia and the Board of Directors. Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia cover operational costs of the Foundation and match donations up to $200,000 AUD a year. 

Our Approach

Anangu Communities Foundation

The Anangu Communities Foundation is dedicated to making a positive impact in Anangu communities by adopting a regional engagement approach that prioritises what is important to local Anangu communities. We make sure that communities have a say in what projects are funded and work closely with community stakeholders, government bodies, and other charitable organisations to raise awareness and attract donations.

We receive crucial funding requests from community organisations for projects and initiatives that address inequities, and aim to deliver positive outcomes in education, health, culture and wellbeing through social and economic advancement.

Our Foundation board awards funding to projects that demonstrate value, sustainability, and achieve positive outcomes across the generations within Anangu communities.

Donations are imperative to bring to life the many projects and initiatives that are so important to the wellbeing of Anangu.

Meet the Anangu Communities

Anangu Communities Foundation

We recognise and acknowledge that Anangu are the custodians of the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankuntjatjara (NPY) region of Australia and are one of the oldest living cultures in the world. Anangu have an ongoing, deep connection to Tjukurpa, land, language, family, and community. 

The NPY lands span the central desert region of South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. The NPY lands cover 350,000 square kilometres and encompass 26 remote communities and homelands. The region has an overall population of around 6,000 Anangu, more than half of whom are aged 24 years or under. The remote, tri-state environment of the NPY lands, with vast geographical distances between communities, creates a unique set of challenges, complexities and opportunities. 

What We Do


We are helping to create a positive future for Anangu communities.

The Anangu Communities Foundation raises funds and collects donations for Anangu community projects that address inequities and aim to deliver positive outcomes in education, health, and wellbeing through social and economic advancement.

Our team engage with community to ensure that all projects are viable, sustainable, and have the support of Anangu, our partners and stakeholders. This ensures that the positive impact of the project will be long-lasting and beneficial for the community.

The Foundation has supported Anangu communities with over $3,000,000 AUD, thanks to the generous support of staff, guests, and corporate partners.

With your support, we can continue to fund future projects and make a real difference in Anangu communities.

Our Projects

We have been able to fund and support many important projects thanks to the generosity of donors and partners, but there is still much more to be done. The projects listed below are just a small selection of initiatives driven and delivered by Anangu.

Fostering Cultural Strength and Identity: Two-Way Science Project

Anangu Communities Foundation

A pilot project to design an educational curriculum that offered Anangu students opportunities to learn in authentic ways, and accumulate cultural and ecological knowledge that allows them to develop cultural strength and identity. This project was delivered with educational specialists, with leadership from Anangu Educational Workers, and traditional owners in leading the cultural content and transfer of knowledge on on-country trips.

Aged Care Facility

Anangu Communities Foundation

The construction of the Aged Care Facility represented the first major project that the Anangu Communities Foundation committed to and was identified as a priority by members of the community after extensive consultation. The facility provides 16 beds, full-time care and state-of-the-art nursing facilities.

Revitalising Traditional Healing: Irmangka-Mangka Production

Anangu Communities Foundation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation supported Maruku Arts to deliver a project that involved sourcing and producing traditional healing balm, Irmangka-mangka, for distribution for the community. The project not only created employment opportunities, but also delivered health benefits in the form of traditional bush medicine highly valued by Anangu as a healing agent for many illnesses, particularly respiratory problems.

Preserving Anangu Culture: Virtual Tjukurpa Library

Anangu Communities Foundation

This project produced a virtual reality of sacred Tjukurpa stories told by appropriate Traditional Owners. The virtual library is used to educate the younger generation on important and sacred Tjukurpa and as a training tool for cultural tourism opportunities. It is important to preserve and promote traditional stories and culture through new technology.

Artwork Behind the Anangu Communities Foundation Logo

Seven Sisters by Rene Kulitja

Seven Sisters

Rene Kulitja, 2022

Seven Sisters by Rene Kulitja reflects the Seven Sisters Creation Story, which is of great significance to the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people.

The Sisters travelled long through South Australia's north west, Kulitja's traditional country, as well as the south west corner of the Northern Territory. Chasing after them was Nati Wiru, a hunter who wanted to court one of them.

Nati Wiru used all kinds of trickery to relentlessly pursue them, but they always managed to stay one step ahead through the skills of the eldest. The Sisters finally escaped together to a far away place, safe from Nati Wiru's clutches.

To this day, the seven stars of the sisters can be seen in the night sky as the Pleiades constellation. They are followed by Nati Wiru known as the bright star Orion. 

© Rene Kulitja, Seven Sisters, 2022

men sitting around a campfire

Make a Difference

Thank you for partnering with Anangu communities to make a real and lasting difference. 

Your donation is helping to advance the priorities and goals of Anangu across the NPY region. 

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