a lizard

5 Fascinating Critters to Find in Uluru

Stars above Ayers Rock

Heavens Above

Sitting around a campfire at night

Discover the Indigenous Culture of Uluru

Students learning at NITA
A couple enjoy date night with Uluru in the background
Uluru from a distance with a tree in the foreground
Sounds of Silence
a team of Voyages staff members
A family enjoys an assortment of food at the Ayers Rock Resort
Group having coffee at sunrise at Ayers Rock outback


Camping at Ayers Rock Resort: Everything You Need to Know

Sleeping under a sparkling Outback sky, waking up surrounded by Australia’s Red Centre – there’s really nothing like a camping trip to Uluru.

Sounds of Silence
Runners compete in the Australian Outback Marathon
Two Anangu men sit by a fire