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Ayers Rock Resort FAQs

Where is Ayers Rock Resort located?

Ayers Rock Resort is located in Yulara, Northern Territory.

Where is the closest airport to Yulara?

The closest airport to Ayers Rock Resort is Ayers Rock Airport (Connellan Airport), which is located approximately 10 minutes from Yulara.

Do you provide any relocation assistance?

Ayers Rock Resort has a relocation reimbursement scheme in which you can claim back up to $700 of your relocation costs. This is subject to conditions and is only applicable to team members who are employed with us for over 6 months.

Do you organise and pay for flights to the resort?

New team members are responsible for organising and paying for their flights to relocate to Ayers Rock Resort. However, we do have a relocation reimbursement scheme which can assist with the costs.

Is accommodation provided for employees?

All employees have accommodation supplied by Ayers Rock Resort, with weekly rent as well as a one-off bond payment required to be paid by employees. Rent ranges from $98/week to $407/week dependent on your position.

Can I choose the accommodation I'm placed in?

Accommodation allocation is based on position, you are unable to choose the accommodation type if it is outside your position allocation.

What do I need to bring with me when I relocate?

All accommodation includes basic furniture such as a bed, refrigerator, and lounge. All employees are required to bring household items such as pots, pans, cups, and plates, as well as bedding, towels, and any other items that will make your stay comfortable.

Where should I send items for when I arrive?

Yulara has a post office where you can direct your mail to for collection. Please address all items to 127 Yulara Drive, Northern Territory.

Is there free Wi-Fi available in my accommodation?

Accommodation at Ayers Rock Resort does not include Wi-Fi services. Internet services can be organised when you arrive at Yulara. We recommend Starlink which incurs an initial fee and ongoing costs. 

Is there a television in my accommodation?

The majority of our accommodation options do not include a television. You will need to supply this yourself.

Can I buy all my kitchen needs in Yulara?

We do have a few options to purpose household and kitchen items in Yulara, including the IGA Supermarket, housing office, and the Yulara Buy, Swap and Sell Facebook group. There is also the option to purchase items online to be sent to the Resort Post Office.

What happens once I arrive at Ayers Rock Airport?

A member of our housing team will be waiting at the airport for you to arrive. Once you arrive, they will take you and any other new starters on a car tour of the Resort and take you to the housing department to get settled in.

Is Yulara suitable for a family to relocate?

Yulara has a preschool and a primary school for residents' children to attend. Not all housing accommodates a family; suitability would depend on the position's associated housing allocation.

If I am looking to relocate with a friend, are we able to share our accommodation?

In many cases, you can share the accommodation with a friend of the same gender. If you are both employed at Ayers Rock Resort, please notify the Talent Team that you would like to share your accommodation.

Do I need a car or a bike at the Resort or is there public transport to get around?

Many of the outlets within Yulara are within walking distance, but we also have a free resort shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes stopping around the resort from 10am to 12am daily.

Is there a shopping centre in Yulara?

There are no major shopping centres in Yulara. Town Square in the centre of Yulara does include some retail stores, a post office, IGA Supermarket, and food outlets.

When can I transfer for a new role?

All employees can apply for an internal transfer on an available role after 3 months of employment.

Which medical services are available in Yulara?

Yulara Medical Centre is available for general health checks, immunisations, and medications. A wellbeing team is also located at Ayers Rock Resort, with counselling services available. There are also a range of medical services that come into town, such as an optometrist, physiotherapist, and a breast cancer bus.

How do I fill my prescriptions in Yulara?

You will be able to organise filling prescriptions with the Yulara Medical Centre. Please ensure that when you are preparing to relocate to Yulara that you bring at least 6 months' supply of your medication to ensure you do not run out.

Is there a chemist available?


No, we do not have a chemist in Yulara.

What is there to do in Yulara?

There is lots to do in Yulara! There are weekly clubs, workout classes, night markets, cultural celebrations, and special activities throughout the year. 

To learn more about our community, visit our Ayers Rock Community page.

Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre FAQs

Where is Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre located?

Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre is located in Mossman Gorge, at the entrance to the Daintree Rainforest, in Tropical North Queensland.

Do you provide accommodation at Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre?

No. Accommodation is not provided onsite; you will be required to organise accommodation yourself.

How far is Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre from Mossman?

The Centre is located approximately a 15-minute drive from Mossman (approximately 4 kilometres).

Is there public transport to the Centre?

No. You will need to get to and from Mossman Gorge Cultural Centre with your own transport.

Voyages Corporate Office FAQs

Where is Voyages Corporate Office located?

Voyages Corporate Office is located at Level 10, Angel Place, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney. 

How do I get to the office?

There are many transport options available, with the office accessible via public transport including bus, train, and tram, as well as by car.

Is there anywhere to buy my lunch?

Yes, the office is located in the Sydney CBD, with several restaurant and takeaway options located nearby. 

We also have a kitchen in the office. 

What is the office environment like?

We work in an open-plan office environment where you will need to book your desk daily.

We operate a hybrid model of working, where you are expected to work 3 days in the office per week, and work from home 2 days a week.

What do I wear to work?

Our office dress code is smart business attire. 

We also operate casual Fridays, where you are able to wear neat, casual attire.

Application Process FAQs

What is the standard recruitment process?

  1. Apply online
  2. We will call you to confirm if you are willing to relocate (if applicable), and to schedule an interview
  3. If successful, we will schedule an interview via Microsoft Teams
  4. If the interview is successful, our Talent Team will schedule a second interview with the direct manager of the role or the Talent Team, or, if unsuccessful, provide feedback on how to improve. 
  5. If the second interview is successful, we will send you pre-employment checks, which include identity documents, contact details, references, and a request to lodge a Police History Check. 
  6. Once the above information is received, we will connect with you to discuss next steps.

How do I apply for a role?

You can visit our Job Vacancies page to apply for our roles online.

I have applied for a job online, when will I hear back?

You will receive an email response within 48 hours of applying for a job regarding if you are successful or not for the position.

I'm interested in more than one position, should I apply for all of them?

You are more than welcome to apply for more than one position. Please make sure to read the job requirements for each position before applying.

I saw a job that I'm interested in on your website, but now it is no longer there. How do I apply?

Unfortunately this means that we are no longer taking applications for the position. It's best to keep an eye out on our Careers page to keep updated on new positions that become available.

If I'm running late for my interview or can no longer attend, who should I contact?

Contact the Talent Team member you have been working with via phone call or email. Otherwise, connect with our Talent Team directly on [email protected].

I was unsuccessful with my application, can I reapply for another role?

You can always apply for another role that interests you. Please ensure to read the job description for any required skills, experience, or qualifications. We also recommend to consider any feedback you have received before applying.