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Sustainable tourism at the
Heart of Australia

Committing to Progress

At Voyages, your visit is not just a holiday, but a commitment to progress. Whether it be through community-led consultations or collaborations, we ensure our decisions are informed by the perspectives of those who hold an intimate connection to Country. We take an integrated approach to progress and embed appropriate policies and practices for ethics, compliance and data security within our operations. And ultimately, we always strive to operate responsibly and sustainably, but it’s your support that helps us grow.

Read on to explore how you can help us operate responsibly and sustainably.

Wintjiri Wiru Uluru Song Line

Wintjiri Wiru

We’re leading the industry with our consultation and collaboration practices to support the development and delivery of the Wintjiri Wiru drone experience.


Sustainability Through Policy

We’re big believers in staying accountable for our actions. That’s why we have implemented sustainable tourism policies throughout Voyages. We ensure that staff are kept up to date with these through regular training.


Reconciliation Action Plan

A commitment to reconciliation is the driving force behind all Voyages operations and we have captured this commitment through our stretch Reconciliation Australia's Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and our Cultural Safety Framework at Ayers Rock Resort.